Fragile X Syndrome

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‘Threading the Needle’ in Achieving Selective Receptor Modulation

Seropeutics is an early-stage company that is taking a targeted approach in the development of drugs to treat Fragile X syndrome with the goal of ‘threading the needle’ with respect to achieving high target selectivity and appropriate function, with minimal off-target receptor binding that can lead to side effects. Our strategy has been to use structure-based drug design to develop selective modulators of key serotonin (5HT) receptors believed to be involved in Fragile X syndrome and test them in validated animal models for predicting therapeutic efficacy. What have emerged from our program are two distinct, first-in-class drug series that selectivity modulate the activity of unique combinations of serotonin receptor subtypes.
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Founding Management Team


Donald R. Kiepert – Executive Chairman & CEO

  • Experienced CEO, Entrepreneur, and Pharmacist who has started 12 successful life sciences companies. Previous CEO roles at Point Therapeutics (NASDAQ:POTP) and Lantheus Medical Imaging
  • Raised $100M at Point with market capitalization value of $500M. Lantheus became a $350M global pharmaceutical company with three products in clinical development
  • Proven leadership skills, Experience leading drug development programs, FDA interactions, Board creation and management, Clinical stage development programs

Raymond G. Booth, PhD –Scientific Founder and Chief Scientist

  • Tenured Professor and Associate Director, Center for Drug Discovery Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
  • >30 years of drug discovery experience at University of California at San Francisco, Harvard Medical School, Univ. North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Florida
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